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The CIPS Ethics Exam is for those applying for the CIPS I.S.P. and ITCP Certifications or AITP and Candidate Membership. Learn more at http://www.cips.ca/certification.



As part of its mandate to establish Information Technology (IT) as a profession, CIPS has identified a need for testing knowledge and understanding of ethics in computing and IT. This is particularly important for those applying for CIPS’ ISP and ITCP certifications or AITP and Candidate Membership and the exam needs to successfully be completed by all applicants who have not graduated from a CIPS accredited program.

A common testing methodology has been developed, relevant to all IT professionals regardless of domain or technical specialization or occupation. The result is this online exam. The exam is currently not proctored and is open-book.

The goals of the exam are to:

a) familiarize CIPS certification applicants with the CIPS Code of Ethics Principles and their meaning; and
b) provide some ethical scenarios where the Principles need to be applied, and test applicants on their ability to apply ethical reasoning and to encourage them to think about how they would respond to situations similar to those posed by the exam questions. 

The exam is for experienced and new IT practitioners and builds awareness of the key principles of professionalism and the CIPS Code of Ethics.

Take the CIPS Ethics Exam:

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